My evolution as a photographer has covered much ground during my career. Obviously the changes in technology would be a big reason for this. The progression in lighting techniques and the move from film to digital has given me the wonderful opportunity to really experience the field to the fullest. I am happy to report that I have generally embraced each new element with enthusiasm. Digital is perhaps the most significant change, speeding production and offering new creative options.

One core element of my work has remained constant and will never change. This is the way I approach every assignment. My primary objective is to first determine what is in the best interest of my client and how I may best be able to accomplish this goal. No matter how good the photograph I produce may be, I have failed in my efforts if it does not work for my customer’s needs. Be the project a capabilities brochure, an instruction manual, a magazine ad, web page material, a store display or what have you, if what I come up with is not something that connects with the customers and clients of my customer, then I have not been successful.

If you are interested in exploring a working relationship with Studio Astute, please don’t think me terribly nosy if I try to find out not only a little about your company, but also a little about who your company does business with. It can mean the difference between nice photography and nice photography that works.


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