Photo Restoration

Beautiful, wonderful, charming images tucked away in boxes and photo albums. You’ve always said that you’d like to take those special photos and return them to their original state by having a photo restoration service do something with them. Maybe blow them up, frame them, make additional prints, share them. You may be the keeper of unique, family heirloom photos. You’d like to share these photos with others, pass them on to the next generation. The problem is, for many photos, there are no negatives, no additional prints, and no going back to take another picture. Many of these photos are decaying and will be lost unless preserved.  Studio Astute’s photo restoration services will preserve these images to their original state. Now you’ll be able to share your images with everyone. Included in our photo restoration service is a copy of your digital image on disc with two files, one that you can view on screen or e-mail, and a second to make prints. Save and share your snapshots today.

Take advantage of Studio Astute’s photo restoration starter package.

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