Photography of Art

A natural connection of the creation of my own photo art is the reproduction of the work of other artists, illustrators and sculptors. My commercial photography background has helped me to hone my talents to be able to determine the best possible ways to reproduce their art work. There is no one “right” way to make a reproduction of a piece of art. I’ve found the only way to approach great art reproduction is to work one on one with the artist until we have reached the best result possible. Like all things photographic, what I am producing is a representation of the original and taking a “one size fits all” outlook is not the best way to approach the reproduction of art.

Not only does Studio Astute have the capabilities to capture the art originals, but we can also produce high resolution giclee prints with state of the art equipment. We can print on papers up to 13 inches wide with the industry standard Epson K3 inks. Our preferred printer is a 24 inch Canon which uses the 12 color Lucia ink system. The color reproduction is incredible and tests of the archival properties are that this ink is at least as color fast as the Epson inks. Yes we can print on fine art papers or canvas.

The proof is in the results. Let’s work on a piece of your art work and see where it takes us. Should you decide I am unable to give you what you want, it will cost you only your time.


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