The Family Jewels

Like many others in my field, I was first intrigued by digital photo restoration when I was scanning some old family photos to be able to share them with family members. It was a really big project, but a rewarding one. It was great fun to revisit all these old photos, transcribe the memos on the back and reproduce everything in one uniform format. I decided to print everything on 8.5 x 11 paper regardless of the size of the original.
Any written information I found on the front, back or next to the photo was reproduced beneath the image. In cases where the data on back was extremely interesting or difficult to read, I scanned and printed that with the photo. When the project was completed it was a simple task to put the prints in plastic sleeves and place them in three ring binders. I admit this is probably not the most archival approach to storing photos, but with the digital files stored on my computer, another set can be made at any time.
A basic scanner and simple imaging software is all you need to accomplish everything I did. You can even do some pretty amazing things to fix faded color, scratches, dust and tears with just a little bit of know how. There is no need to use my services for this sort of project. Not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to take on a project like this for you, but you can make better use of my talents when you come across the occasional special problem or the super photo that really should have the best treatment possible.

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