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When it came time to plan my parents 60th wedding anniversary we needed to do something special. My mother’s short term memory had deteriorated significantly, so the family felt she would be more comfortable in familiar surroundings than she would at a resturant. Mom and dad’s two sons with a lot of help from their wives managed to put together a pretty special dinner party.

One contribution I made was to create a menu that included mom and dad’s wedding photo as a part of the design. It never occurred to me that I was creating a really useful tool for my mom. Frequently during the meal mom would appear to be a bit confused with the nature on the occasion. She would then notice the menu, see the photo and be instantly reminded that it was her special day. It sure made me feel good that I was able to supply something so simple that allowed her to relax and enjoy herself without the awkwardness needing to ask what the event was.

And we all got a keepsake of the evening.

The possibilities of new uses for old family photos is limitless. Be it greeting cards, a photo wall, a family reunion t-shirt or a menu, there are many great ideas. Many you can do yourself. When it gets tricky, let Studio Astute do if for you.


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